• research data
     Strategic Planning
    setting priorities, identifying resources
    and energizing employees
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    Organizational Effectiveness
    Enhanced productivity and efficiency
    in institutional missions
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    Data Lifecycle
    High quality, reusable data and documentation
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    Institutional Compliance & Ethics
    Finding balance to promote efficiency and integrity
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    Faculty & Administrators
    Maximizing performance, leadership development & succession planning

serving Higher Education With

Analysis, Advice and Implementation

Academic Institutions must identify new ways to remain productive, innovative, efficient and solvent. Universities and colleges are challenged as never before by growing public concern regarding the cost and value of higher education and increasing competition for funding.

Administrative expenditures seem to outpace investment in core missions, and administrative tasks divert investigator effort away from scholarly activity. Herman, Neuhauser Research Management Consulting, Inc., (HNRMC), offers novel, data-driven, just-in-time solutions to strategic and operational challenges faced by academic institutions. HNRMC consultants have extensive experience in the effective leadership and operations of academic institutions. We offer expert analysis and solutions to address commonly encountered needs involving strategy, organizational effectiveness, regulatory and compliance functions, faculty and administrator development, research data management, and revenue enhancements.

Academic institutions are increasing their efforts in finding solutions to the many critical societal challenges. This has opened new funding opportunities for translational research but also created new challenges. Translational research is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, often involves stakeholders from outside academia, meaningful results are expected at a much-accelerated timescale, and resulting technologies may have the potential for commercialization.


  • Our skilled consultants partner with organizational leadership to identify priorities and explore opportunities for intervention.
  • Our experts collect and analyze data to measure and track changes, understand organizational culture, and identify barriers to progress.
  • Our team proposes and presents solutions tailored to organizational priorities.
  • HNRMC constructs strategies for effective implementation, metrics to gauge success, and works to refine and redirect efforts when bottlenecks stall progress.

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